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A Fine Young Man II pt. 2

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In Part 1, Jason Pierce is the fine young man hired as a tutor, who deflowered webcam girl Laney Grey on her webcast. Laney hid by the side of the bed when she heard her mother (Lexi Luna) arrive home. Lexi gets on the bed to chat with Jason. "It is so lovely having a nice young man back in my house. I miss my stepson terribly. He was always such a ladies' man, till he found one he could marry", she says with a broad smile. "Do you have anybody caring for you, darling?", she asks, rubbing his leg. She sees he's sweating, and returns with a damp cloth to put on Jason's forehead. "You know, you can call me mommy if you want. Should I take care of that too?", she asks, touching his groin. "Why don't you let mommy teach you a thing or two". Pulling down his shorts, she reveals his dick. "It's so big", she purrs, stroking it. "Now we can't tell Laney about any of this. Good boy", Lexi says, as she begins giving him head. Watch the sultry scene unfold...

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