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Been a Long Time

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Stepsister (Madi Collins) is sitting at the kitchen counter writing on her note pad when her stepbrother (Milan) sneaks up behind her. "What are you doing?", she asks. "What are you doing?", he counters. "Nothing. Don't be a brat or I'll tell your mom", she threatens. "Go ahead. Look, I'm sorry", he says. "You just don't know how hard this has been on me", she contends. "I didn't mean to make you upset", he says. "This isn't how I imagined my life", she notes. "You can talk to me", he says. "You sure? Well, it's embarrassing but I feel like living here with you and your mom -I don't belong", she confides. "That's not true", he asserts. "You treat me like garbage -you guys are always so mean to me", she continues. "That's just our way -to show you how we care", he maintains. "I don't like it", she replies. "I'm sorry. I really didn't know", he says. "It's okay. You can leave me alone now", she says, getting up to leave the room with her note pad. He also gets up, and she asks: "Why are you following me?". "I'm serious. I don't want you to be mad. I care about you", he says. "You do?", she asks. "Look, I'm emotionally stunted as a child, and I never got over pulling girls here to show them I liked them", he says. "I guess that's true", she says. "Is there anything else that's bugging you", he asks. "There is my boyfriend. I think he's going to break up with me", she says. "I don't really know what to say", he admits. "It's true though. I mean he doesn't even want to see me anymore", she says, walking away. He follows her to her bedroom. "I'm still pretty, right?", she asks. "You're beautiful", he agrees. "He's probably already found a hotter girlfriend", she shrugs. "If he did...", stepbrother begins. "So you think he did", she interrupts. "No, no, I didn't say that", he protests. "Sorry, it's just when nobody wants to look at you or touch you except as a joke, it really takes a toll on you", she describes. He approaches her, and she hugs him. "You smell good", she says. "Beautiful eyes, too", she adds. "You too", he says. "You know, you're not the worst stepbrother", she says. "You're not such a bad sister", he replies. "I am though", she confides. "Why do you say that?", he asks. She shakes her head, saying: "If you only knew what I was feeling". "Tell me", he asks. She kisses him impulsively. "I just want to be touched. It's been awhile", she says. Stepsister removes her blouse, revealing her breasts. "It's okay", she says, smiling. "Do you want to just talk?", he asks. She shakes her head No. She gets on the bed and removes her torn jeans. Stepbrother lies on the bed and she says: "Oh wow". She sits on top of him, still clothed, and he starts caressing her breasts. She rubs her panties against his dick, still inside his shorts. "Is this okay?", she asks. "Yeah", he says. "Sure I'm not being too desperate?", she asks, as she starts to pull down his shorts. "You're perfect", he replies, as his big cock pops out of his shorts. "Oh my God!", she reacts. "I'm surprised -I didn't think you'd be so big", she enthuses, grabbing his dick with both hands. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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