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Bully Meets His Match

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Mom (Natasha Nice) wakes up her teenage stepson Andy, to get him ready for school. Billy is to take him there, but she's been informed that her kid has been bullied by him, even physically abused. "Don't you worry. Mommy's going to take care of anything", she reassures him. Billy (Jason Pierce) shows up and she sits him down for a talk."My son tells me you two have been on the outs lately. There's no need to deny it -he's already told me everything" she says. After threatening to involve his parents, she lays down the law. "Your father, he's a military man, right? I had strict parents, too. The only difference is that I chose not to take out my frustrations on others. Do you want to turn into your father?". Billy has a vulgar response, which angers her. "No, Andy is not a pussy! I need you to learn a thing or two about empathy for others", she insists. Looking down at his crotch, her eyes open wide and she reacts: "Wow! I cannot, or will not ignore that enormous boner in your pants. Are you serious? Oh, I get it, I think I understand now. Your father doesn't let you date, does he? You're an adult now, and you can't control your impulses, can you son? You just graze through life, doing what you want, whenever you want. You bully my son because it's fun. You sit here with a huge boner in your pants while I criticize you, like what is wrong with your head?". "I'll bet that what few brain cells you even have, you can't use them while all your blood is in your cock, am I right? It's so pathetic -you're just like an animal. You do realize I'm old enough to be your mother, right? That's a little weird. Besides, what is it about me that even turns you on? Shouldn't you be turned on by girls your own age?", she confronts him. Bending forward toward him, exposing her deep decolletage, she continues: "It does seem that I've found a couple of things that can motivate you, like right here", and she pulls aside her shirt to reveal her voluptuous breasts bulging out of her bra. Posing in front of him, she murmurs: "You do seem a little motivated", and she takes off her shirt. "Is this what you like? Older women bitching at you?". Her voice turns into a whisper: "That is so pathetic. You're pathetic -I should have known that, all bullies are pathetic". Her voice becomes seductive: "Tell me darling, do you dream of touching me, tasting me? Do you want to fuck me?". She takes his index finger and starts sucking on it, up and down. "Let mommy see how hard you are, baby", she murmurs. Billy takes his cock out of his pants and starts stroking it. "Now, seeing as your father did a piss-poor job disciplining you, you're going to do what I say, exactly as I say, you got that? Keep stroking it, and stare at mommy's big titties", she says, undoing her bra and shaking her massive breasts in front of his face. Watch the older/younger sex scene unfold...

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