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Cherry Chaser

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Dharma (Jones) comes home, calling out for her mother Lisa, but she's not home. She goes to the living room for a heart-to-heart talk with her stepdad (Clarke Kent). It's a one-sided conversation, as he's silent in the show's POV-camera format. She makes him promise not to tell mom, and then confesses that she's been dating a guy lately and reveals: "We did it". "It was my 19th birthday, but afterward he disappeared. I thought that he really loves me, but I found out from a friend that he's a 'cherry chaser'", she explains, emphasizing the odd expression with air quotes, "I guess that means he fucks virgins. I'm embarrassed -I thought he was the one. I really, really wanted to wait, dad -I'm still a good girl", she pleads. Stepdad listens patiently, and she continues: "Can I ask you something a little more personal?", she asks, taking him upstairs to the bedroom to show him something privately. Closing her bedroom door behind them, she declares: "I never had a boy in my room before, but you're not a boy -you're my stepdad. you're a man". Dharma tells her story, how she and Brad made love in the dark in a car. She wonders if she was doing it wrong, unsure of what sex is all about, and asks daddy's help to show her if she's normal or just weird. He agrees to help her, and she smiles nervously as they gently begin foreplay, daddy fondling her breasts but motioning a "no-no" as he stops her from undressing. Dharma's face takes on a dreamy look as she enjoys the intimacy of daddy's touch. As his hands move all over her body, she eventually lowers her top revealing her breasts to him and then almost innocently sucking on daddy's thumb. He plays with her exposed nipple and then lifts her top off over her head. As he begins to unbutton her jeans, Dharma looks up at him, asking: "Are you sure, daddy?". Off come the jeans, revealing a cute seashell design displayed on the front of her panties, As he rubs her pussy through the fabric, her breathing becomes heavy, and she pleads for him to remove her panties. He's in no rush, but when he does remove them, daddy wets his fingers in his mouth and rubs her pussy with them. He gently finger-fucks her and Dharma swoons, tasting her own juices when he raises his finger to her mouth. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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