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Dirty Little Stepson

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Stepmother (Rachael Cavalli) is standing at her sliding patio doors looking outside when her stepson (Milan) enters the living room. He takes a couple of photos of her, with her big butt nearly bare, when she hears the clicking and turns to see him. "Did you just take my picture?", she asks. "What?", he reacts. "You did just take my picture", she states, and approaches him. "I did", he admits. She says: "Let's see". "You just looked so pretty", he says. "Let me see", she reiterates, and says: "Come on", as he hands her his cell phone. "Oh, you have a lot of interesting pictures in here", she notes. "I didn't know my stepson was such a dirty little boy", she flirts, scrolling through the photos. "I'm not done yet. I'm sad -this is such a nice picture but I'm gonna have to delete it. There", she says, and hands him back his phone. "You know, you're not a bad photographer", she says. "Let's chat a bit. I feel like I've gotten to know you a little better. You know I didn't realize boys took so many pictures of their...", she says, but he interrupts: "You weren't supposed to see that", she replies: "Well, I did. But you shouldn't be ashamed because you have a lot to be proud of. I mean you definitely didn't inherit that from your father. And there was a lot of pictures of me in there. You know I'm always here for you if you need anything", she assures him. "I'm late actually", stepson interjects. "Late? I didn't know you had plans", she says. Stepson stands there, appearing to be nervous. "Why don't you stay and chat a bit? I think that maybe we should go a little bit 'more private', and 'chat'", she says, making air quotes with her fingers as she speaks. "I mean I'll let you take some pictures of me so you don't have to screen capture them off my social", she says. "Okay", he says. As stepmom leads him to her bedroom. his gaze is glued to her ample rear end. She removes her t-shirt, revealing her huge breasts, and he exclaims: "Whoa!', turning his back to her. "Okay, but if I didn't want you to look I would have told you", she admonishes him as she puts on a bra. Stepmom turns to face him, puts on a pair of denim shorts, and then puts a blouse on. She sits on the bed, posing, exposing a deep decolletage. "You know the way you look at me is not how a stepson should be looking at his stepmom", she scolds. "I'm sorry", he says. She smiles, saying: "Don't be. I just didn't know I still had it in me". "All my friends think you're hot", stepson says. "Do you show the pictures you take of me to your friends? Somehow I don't really believe you. Do you have a girlfriend?, she asks. The camera moves side to side to indicate No from her stepson. "Well I guess that makes two involuntarily celibate", she asserts, smiling. "Dad?", he asks. "Your dad doesn't appreciate me the way you do", she tells him. "Now let's take some photos we're showing your friends", she announces. "Can't we get in trouble?", stepson asks. "Only if they know it's you taking them", she responds. "I mean is it a crime?", he wonders. "A crime? We're both adults", she says. "And you're my stepmom", he emphasizes. "Look, we don't have to take the pictures, I mean...", she begins, as she starts to put on a heavy sweatshirt. "Wait, take it off", stepson demands. "Okay", she sits back with a smile, removing the sweatshirt and posing sexily on the bed. Stepson starts snapping photos of her with his phone. "You make me feel like I'm in college again", she says. Stepmom motions with her finger, saying: "Come here". She has him lie on the bed. "You know I used to love dry humping more than the actual thing. I know it sounds crazy, right? But then I built it up in my imagination so much that I was always disappointed", she says, her tone turning serious as she climbs on top of him. "I understand what you mean", stepson says. "You do?", she asks. "Yeah, your expectations are too high. That's why you get disappointed", he says. "Not anymore", she says, stroking his torso. "Should I take it off?", she asks, grabbing the bottom of her blouse, removing it, smiling. "Where's your phone?", she asks. "In my pocket", he replies and hands her the phone. "Here, let me take a picture. I know my best angles", she says. Posing for a selfie, then she tells him: "Take it off", and stepson removes her bra. "We're almost done with our little photoshoot", she announces. "My little boy, what do you think?", she asks. She turns around to face him once more, exposing her huge breasts. "You like them?", she asks. "Yes, they're beautiful", he replies. Cupping them with his hands, he asks: "What's wrong?". "Well, we're just about done, I guess. Here, take another photo", she says, handing the phone back to him, adding: "and one more". "Now take a photo of me kissing you, and then turn your phone off", she says. She takes the phone from him and puts it down, unbuttoning his fly to reveal his dick. "It's so much bigger in person", she says as she starts to lick it. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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