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Don't Tell Anyone pt.2

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Description: Don't Tell Anyone pt. 2: Carolyn Jones (Ashley Lane) arrives carrying her laundry basket, and sees Alex (Chad Alva) adjusting his pants. "Hello, am I interrupting something?", she greets the boy. "You must be Alex. Is your mother home?". She shakes his hand and her gaze falls downward towards his crotch. "Your mom never mentioned you're so cute". Continuing, Carolyn says: "Don't mind us, just bored housewives. We'll probably be gossiping about our meeting for weeks, maybe months. Silly, isn't it? I mean we don't have anything else to talk about. Do you want to know what we talk about? Don't tell your mom, but SEX". Carolyn covers her mouth, laughing. "Isn't that a gas! You're not curious about what's so funny? It's funny because we're not getting any. Does this shock you?". Carolyn is interrupted by Alex's stepmother (Mrs. Robinson) coming into the living room, and saying: "I see you've met my stepson. He's an absolute dear". "Sure is", Carolyn agrees. "So I'm sorry, I must have forgotten about our date -time flies", says stepmom, kissing Carolyn on the cheek and hugging her. "I hope I wasn't interrupting anything", Carolyn answers: "Nothing important. Alex and I were just getting to know one another. It's crazy -I've been married to his dad for just two years and this was the first time we really got to know each other", stepmom notes. "I'll bet", Carolyn says sarcastically. "Oh, you're terrible, aren't you?", stepmom responds. "So we've known each other longer than you've known him", Carolyn states. "Oh, I guess that's right." "So, what do you think, is he a good boy?", Carolyn asks. "I guess so", stepmom says, and whispers in Carolyn's ear. "I'm going to go to the kitchen- why don't you two get to know one another?". "My pleasure", Carolyn responds. Carolyn addresses Alex: "Finally some privacy". She kneels in front of Alex and says: "I don't remember the last time I saw a cock. My husband doesn't have sex with me anymore. It doesn't seem fair, does it? I just want a little kiss". She opens his fly and takes out his big dick, kissing the tip. Sucking his balls, she gives Alex a hand-job and a blow-job, interrupted by the sound of stepmom's heels clacking on the floor. Wiping her face and composing herself, Carolyn is greeted again by stepmom who says: "What was going on while I was in the other room?". "I was just getting to know your stepson a little better. He's a very sweet boy", Carolyn notes. "And what exactly were you two talking about?", stepmom asks. "Oh, you know, just that our husbands don't fuck us anymore", Carolyn responds. "I'm really sorry about her, she's a gossip", stepmom says to Alex. "I think he enjoyed it, didn't you?", Carolyn says. Alex nods Yes. "Do you need help with that?", stepmom asks her friend. "I just wanted to get to know him better", Carolyn maintains. "I'll bet", stepmom says sarcastically. She's right in front of Alex now and fondles him, noting: "Oh baby, you're still so hard! It's not nice to leave a boy under this type of strain". Carolyn joins her in front of Alex. "I just wanted a little taste", she says. "Oh, just like the laundry, you've always had a problem finishing things", stepmom says. "He doesn't mind", Carolyn responds. "And if he did, he wouldn't tell you", stepmom states, taking a jab at always silent Alex. "Stop mothering me", Carolyn says, suddenly serious. "Well, for once finish what you started. "Fine", Carolyn declares and kneels in front of Alex, undoing his pants as stepmom kneels next to her. Watch the scene unfold...

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