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Don't Want To Be Alone

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Pristine Edge is exasperated: she tells her stepson (Brad Newman) how his dad is cheating on her, having an affair with his secretary. She recalls the good times she had with his father when they first met, and can't understand how she didn't heed the warning signs that he would betray her this way. She was simply too trusting. Now she's despondent, saying: "It's been so long since I felt a man's touch". Worse yet, her husband already has a lawyer, preparing to divorce her. Addressing her son, she wonders: "What am I going to do about you? I can't be away from you -I've grown to have so much love for you". She asks how he's doing, is he dating? (In the POV-camera format, her son is silent but his reactions are expressed with hand movements.) Speaking of sexual frustration, she takes her son's hand and places it on her breasts. "If you want to touch, I'm okay with it", she tells him. Brad begins caressing her breasts, but she breaks off, declaring: "What if your father were to walk in and see this? You're right -fuck him!". She places Brad's hands back on her breasts defiantly, remembering what his dad's been up to with his secretary. She kneels down in front of Brad and begins rubbing his crotch. "It's been so long. Mommy needs your cock so bad", she whispers. Stepmom removes her sweater, revealing her large breasts bulging out of her bra. Brad begins massaging her breasts. "Are you okay with this? You're not stopping me", she remarks. She removes her bra and then unzips his fly, pulling down his jeans. Taking his cock in both hands, she murmurs: "What a big boy". Taking his erect dick in her mouth and stroking it, she says: "That's all I wanted". Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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