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Dress Me Up

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I walk into the living room where my stepsister (Spencer Bradley) is busy at her laptop. "I need you to help me with something. So I'm trying to figure out a photo for my applications, and I think this one is a bit more wholesome", she says, pointing to the picture on the right, depicting her smiling. "But this one", pointing at the left, "that one says I have a secret", and she smiles up at me. It's a broad, slightly lascivious smile. "So which one?", she inquires, and I point to the right. "Really, I imagined you'd like the other one better. You work like a manager or something, right? Like you hire people?". I nod yes. "Well, I need you to help me. Come here", she says, taking my hand and leading me up to her bedroom. "I have my first big post-university interviews, right? And I have no idea what to wear, I have no idea how to act. Mary is honestly useless, she just wants to play silly youthful games like she's fucking Peter Pan or something, and luckily our parents got married, so I can get a second opinion from someone who actually knows something." "What do you think of this one?", she asks, holding up a plaid dress she's pulled out of the top dresser drawer. I shake my head No. "Okay, umm, how about this one?", she says, holding up a black skirt and a white blouse. I nod Yes. "Yeah? Okay, I'll try it on. Close your eyes", she says, undressing and putting on the outfit, while I peek at her between my fingers. "I'm almost done, keep your eyes closed". "OK, OK, open up. What do you think?". I gaze at her in the prim white top over a tight pencil skirt. "I feel like a mom. Too MILFy." I nod Yes. "I have one that goes in the other direction, but I don't want to seduce anybody, or maybe I do want to seduce them", she says coyly. My petite stepsister turns her back to me, removes the blouse and puts on a black bra, covering it with a translucent white top. Turning to me she asks: "What do you think of this?" She exhales heavily, "I'm fucking pathetic. I have no idea what I'm doing with this." I hold her hand, sympathizing. "I'm 23 years old and I have to move into my mom's new husband's house, and I couldn't even find a good school to get into. I can't afford my own apartment. Do you think I'm pathetic?". I stroke her hair, shrugging No. "You're sweet, you know that? I can't remember the last time I got to relax, like actually relax. Having someone here to help me make decisions, I know it sounds weird, but it really helps me. This is the most time we've spent together. All right, how about you choose what I put on next? And what's the worst that's gonna happen?". I pull another white top out of the middle drawer. "Great choice, I just can't wear a bra with this one. So I'm gonna need you to help me out. Can you undo it for me?". She turns around and I unfasten her bra. Stepsister puts on the top and turns back to me, and I admire her figure in the tight outfit. "Slight issue, I think my nipples are a little bit excited." I rub her perky nipples sticking out behind the fabric. "Alex, I don't think this is interview attire. You know, I've never been alone with anybody in my room before. Like you're my stepbrother, but that's still weird. Or is it exciting? Do you have a girlfriend?". I shrug No. "I used to have a boyfriend back on the East Coast, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. It was nice at first - I focused on school, I got a lot of work done, but I think I got too uptight, and everybody needs a release now and then." "You know, I never noticed how cute you are. Do you think I'm cute?". She backs away and says: "Sorry, this is wrong -I'm wrong, I don't know what I'm doing." I grab both her hands. "What if our parents find out? We should not do this." She smiles mischeviously, "Maybe one time, just to blow off some steam, get it out of our system?" She kneels down and says: "You're already hard for me." Undoing my belt and unzipping my pants, she pulls out my cock and kisses it. "Thank you for helping me out, big brother". Watch the story unfold...

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