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Family Matters pt. 2

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After Tyler (Cruise) made love to his stepmom (Rayveness) in Part 1, he returns to her bedroom, where her bags are half-packed, as she's been ordered out of the house by daddy, who's divorcing her. Instead of mom, he's greeted by Step-Auntie Reagan (Foxx), her huge breasts nearly bursting out of her blouse. Seems like that attribute runs in her family. Mom's away now, meeting with her lawyer, and Step-Auntie keeps Tyler company. Her smiling, open manner is magnetic. But she takes on a negative tone: "Your father, shame on him for being so cheap -you know, most rich men are". Holding up one of Ray's dresses, she remarks: "He should have given her some designer clothing so at least she could snag the next millionaire". Tyler protests: "She's not like that. She loves my father". Laughing, Reagan says sarcastically: "And I'm sure she loves you as well. Did I strike a nerve? It's not like I said she fucked you. You did not! -Oh how embarrassing for me!", Step-Auntie declares. "It's not like that", Tyler protests. As both sit down on the bed, StepAuntie says: "Of course she loves you -just like a mother would love her own son". "I just care for her. I'm leaving with her", Tyler notes. "How noble of you!", Reagan says with a broad smile on her face. "Maybe I can be the best maid at your upcoming wedding. You like to be the big man, don't you?", she continues. "Should I bring these to the car?", Tyler asks about the suitcases. "What's the rush?", Reagan says. "She'll be home soon", Tyler replies. "She told me she'll be late, so it's just you and I. What will we do to pass the time?", she says suggestively. Moving toward the boy, she murmurs: "You know, I like a big man who takes charge". "Well, I don't like you", Tyler states. "Oh you don't. But you like the way I look, don't you?", Reagan says, clutching her own breasts as the center of attention. "You are attractive", the boy concedes. "You're not afraid of me, are you?", Auntie asks. "I just don't want to hurt her", he insists. "She doesn't need to know. But wait now, you don't need to love me to fuck me, do you?", she points out. "Auntie Reagan, I don't know if we should", he wonders. "It'll be our secret. See, you're already hard", she says. "I really don't want to hurt her", Tyler protests. "What's hers is mine", Reagan states. "Promise you won't tell?", he asks. She whispers: "I won't. We don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with, okay, baby?". Step-Auntie unzips his fly and removes his pants, then starts stripping herself. "My goodness, this is an amazing cock", she murmurs, stroking the shaft, and begins sucking it, maintaining eye contact. Watch the scene unfold...

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