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He's Been Gone a Long Time

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Stepmother, Bunny (Madison), laments about her situation to her stepson Chad (Alva). His dad, a military man, is not coming back for at least several months after being deployed just a week after his marriage to Bunny, and she's still getting used to the hardship of living apart from an army man. "If it weren't for you, I think my loneliness would kill me", she says, forlorn. She doesn't have any friends, having moved to the middle of nowhere to live with her new husband. Chad listens patiently but silently to her (story is shot with the POV-camera format). "Maybe marrying him was a mistake. Can I live with being touched once a year, once every two years? Is my love strong enough?", she asks rhetorically. In her bedroom she walks over to Chad and takes his hand. "You remind me so much of him -you even smell like him", she says. Abruptly, she asks him to leave -but then catches herself and yells: "Wait!" as he leaves the room: "Did I cross a line? I was just afraid, afraid I would say something I would regret". Becoming more personal, she declares: "It's not shameful that I need to be touched, I need to be loved, I need to be fucked". She approaches him again and says: "I just imagined what it would feel like to have your hands all over my body. I know it's wrong, but I'm a woman, and I have needs, too". Chad reaches out and touches his mom below her chin, and she kisses his hand tenderly. "I could pretend you're my husband and you could pretend I'm whatever you need", she suggests. Bunny starts rubbing his crotch, declaring "I haven't held a hard cock in so long -I want to see it". She gets down on her knees and undoes Chad's pants, revealing his large, erect dick. "Like father, like son", she notes, finally smiling. She begins sucking on it gingerly, eventually going deeper. After giving his cock quite a workout, she whispers: "I want you in my bed". Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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