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Hide and Sex pt. 1

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Mary and Alice make fun of their new stepbrother Mike (Codey Steele) -mocking his nerdy affection for spread sheets and the like. "It must be super weird moving in with us when we're already so close", Alice (Madi Collins) says. "Maybe we should help him have some fun" suggests Mary (Alex Coal). She continues: "I don't mean to be mean -it's just how I show affection." Mary suggests they play Hide and Seek, but Alice thinks playing Sardines is better. "One person hides and the others search. When you find him, you stick together like sardines." Mike goes first, heading upstairs while the girls count down from 50. He goes to Alice's bedroom, and checks out an end table by the bed -the drawer is filled with panties! Hiding in the closet he's soon discovered by Alice, who closes the door, crouches down and gives Mike a blow-job. Mary arrives but gets very angry when she finds her panties -stolen by Alice and she storms off -slamming the bedroom door. The couple continue making love on the bed: "It feels so good in the back of my throat" murmurs Alice, as part of her running commentary. Later on her back she declares: "I love it how you give it to me slow and I feel every inch of that cock - best (step)brother ever! Switching to doggystyle Alice is lost in her passion when Mike finally shoots his load all over her back -no hands! Downstairs Mary is brooding when they rejoin her after cleaning up. "It wasn't cool for you guys to exclude me -it was supposed to be like a sibling bonding thing," she says. Mary wants to continue playing Sardines, but Alice leaves to go to a concert, not wanting to waste her ticket. Leaving them alone together she declares: "There's nothing weird about getting to know your new stepbrother better." Alice says, "If we're not playing Sardines, what can we do?" Stay tuned for Part 2.

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