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Hide and Sex pt. 2

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After her sister Alice has left, Mary (Alex Coal) takes her stepbrother Michael (Codey Steele) upstairs to Alice's bedroom, where several plush animal toys lie with the pillows on the bed. He fetches her a dress belonging to her sister. "Turn around and don't peek" she tells him, naughtily removing her bra to put on the dress, getting back at sis who has been stealing her panties. Michael is silent throughout, though she apparently can hear his responses. "There, what do you think?" she asks, showing him how she looks in the dress. "Would you feel me in this?". She tries to think of a game for them to play. "I bet you don't want to think about your stepsisters having sex," Mary remarks. "Okay, have you ever played the game Two Truths and a Lie?". The camera jerks from side to side, representing Michael's answer No. Mary says: "I tell you three statements; two are true and one is a lie, and you have to guess which one is a lie. The winner gets a kiss". "Number one: I eat my pizza backwards, you know, crust first. Two: I met the president, not now that he's president but before. And three: Sometimes at night when I'm alone in bed I touch myself and think about you." Michael holds up 3 fingers, and she laughs: "I win! So I'm taking my kiss". He gives her a tentative peck and she responds: "That was such a lame kiss". She takes off her sister's dress and continues teasing, asking him to touch her. Mary asks about her third statement: "Do you ever think about me like that?". He gently fondles Mary's breasts, tweaking her nipples. She crouches down to suck his cock, taking it deep into her throat, staring yearningly at Michael. Mary lies on the bed, removing her panties and rubs her pussy, and her stepbrother enters her. "I think about you fucking me from behind too", Mary purrs and they change positions. Later on, she mounts atop his cock, declaring "Now I'm in charge". "You can come in me, it's okay", Mary says, her voice lost in passion, and soon she receives a creampie. Suddenly she jumps off the bed, declaring "She would kill me if she caught me in her room." Picking up Alice's discarded frock, Mary cries out: "Oh, we got cum on her dress!". Finis.

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