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Just Me and Daddy Now

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Clarke Kent can't get in touch with his wife -she's not answering his calls, so he asks his cute stepdaughter Aubree (Valentine) to call her. She reports that mom's taking a flight home but doesn't know when she'll be arriving. Coquettishly she says: "If you guys get divorced, could I live with you instead of my mom or my biological daddy?". She keeps flirting with him, suggesting she try on her new bikini for him, but stepdaddy is straitlaced and standoffish. Later, she sneaks into his bedroom while daddy's sleeping and manages to slip a pair of handcuffs on his wrists without waking him up. He wakes up, and she fibs, telling him mommy handcuffed him and has left. Searching around for the key, Aubree is sitting on daddy's lap and he begins to get aroused. "Honey, you can't wiggle around in daddy's lap anymore, you're a woman now", Clarke protests. "I'm big enough to make you big. I can feel your cock getting harder and harder daddy", she murmurs in a very sultry voice. He insists he can't betray his wife, but the little homewrecker starts bad mouthing her. "I don't even know why she married you, when she's going to do exactly the same she did to my dad", she says. As she grinds against him and talks dirtier and dirtier, Aubree soon gets stepdaddy to submit to her wishes. "Okay, but we can't go all the way", he says. She slips off his pants, and then turns around to slowly remove her own shorts, revealing a luscious big butt to his gaze. Mounting atop him she engages in a rhythmic dry hump, both of them still with their underwear on. He tries to resist her, but she unfastens his handcuffs and moves on to a blow job, with stepdaddy completely under her control. Watch the erotic scene unfold...

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