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Just Wanna Look pt. 1

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Nigel (Chad Alva) walks over to his stepsister Lily Larimar's bedroom and peeks inside her half-open door -seeing her nude, getting dressed. She sees him and exclaims "What are you doing? Boys honestly are the worst, and my life was so much better before I had a stepbrother". Nigel rushes back to his own room and while sniffing on a pair of yellow panties starts to masturbate, the sexual tension between him and his stepsister is unbearable, although he is certain she doesn't feel the same way for him. Nigel isn't a geek, hell-- lots of girls like him at school, but yet, there is nobody quite like his stepsister. She enters his room suddenly and says: "Like what's your deal -you like to spy on women?". "What are you doing?", she yells, as she sees the motion of his hand under the bed covers still stroking his groin. "Come on Nigel, show me!". She's such a brat, always getting her own way for as long as he could remember. She pulls aside the bed clothes, revealing his hand on cock. "I don't think I ever saw a guy jerk off before -not in real life anyway. Can I touch it?" Nigel can barely believe his ears, is he dreaming? Is this really happening? Surely this is a goof, she means to make fun of him, tell all the popular girls at school not to do anything with him! He reluctantly allows her control of the blanket. She gingerly strokes his shaft and takes over giving him a hand-job, making eye contact with him. "We can't do this.. It's so fucked up". She suddenly rushes out of his bedroom. Next day she returns and sees Nigel holding his groin. "So I was talking to Lucy about last night, and don't worry -she's the only one I'd ever tell, and she said it's really dangerous leaving you hanging like that, that blue balls can make your heart explode or something -well, is it true? I'm such an insensitive bitch -I really had no idea. Can I see it? Just to make sure you're okay". "What if we made a deal -I'll show you my boobs, you show me your cock and then we'll be even." The camera nods yes, representing the silent Nigel's response, She reveals her bare breasts and he stares, then pulling aside the bed covers to reveal his throbbing dick. "I'll be gentle - I want to right any wrongs", she says, kissing and stroking his member as her eyes grow wide looking at Nigel. "Wait till I tell Lucy -this is strangely exciting. You'll have to get used to it Nigel, she's my sister, I tell her everything. She won't tell anyone." Stepsister gives him a blow job and says: "It feels so good, I can't believe we're doing this". "You think maybe I could ride on it a little?", she asks. Lily gets undressed and soon they've tried various positions on the bed, leading to doggystyle, as the sex gets faster and more furious. "I can't believe my (step)brother just came inside of me", she exclaims, and inserts her fingers in her pussy, covered with thick cum. "It feels like you came a lot in me", Lily declares. "Better get to work" she states, grabbing her clothing and rushing naked out of the room. Part 2 will introduce another cutie: Mia Kay as sister Lucy.

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