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Just Wanna Look pt. 2

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Nigel (Chad Alva) is in his bedroom, sniffing several pairs of panties. He goes to the living room where stepsister Lucy (Mia Kay) is sitting on the couch. "Oh, good morning sleepyhead", she says, smiling at him. Continuing, "Did you sleep well? I hope you had sweet dreams. Did you see anything interesting?". The camera nods Yes, representing silent Nigel. "Boys!", she exclaims. "Well, I slept terribly. My back's killing me. This heat is really getting to me, and I usually like to walk around naked, but it would be weird if I did that. Maggie fucking hates it -if I'm being honest, she's a bit of a prude. Nigel gets up, and she declares: "No, no, don't go anywhere", grabbing his hand. "I was always the more open minded sister. Would you believe it -she thought blue balls was really a thing. Isn't that funny? I'm sure you're not complaining, are you big (step)brother?". She sits next to him on the couch, grabbing his thigh. Lucy says: "I'm graduating from college soon, and after my 21st birthday party I'm never going back to this town, and I don't think I'm going to be coming back for Christmas. You might think I'm being jealous or something, but I don't understand what Maggie has that I don't", she says, a pouting expression replacing her smile. "Yeah, I know you fucked her -you fucked your little stepsister, you fucking pervert. Maggie tells me everything and there's no secrets between sisters. I hope you know that. What you're going to have to learn is that everything Maggie gets I'm going to get, too. Do you understand me? She told me about your 'gifts' and what I can tell you is that my curiosity is definitely overtaking my morals. But Maggie, what does she know? She's not a virgin exactly, but I bet you she doesn't know what to do with a cock". Lucy kneels down in front of Chad and rubs his dick through his jeans. "If your dick is as impressive as Maggie says, then I think it deserves somebody who knows what to do with it, don't you think?". She opens his fly and grabs his dick. Hearing a noise, Lucy declares: "Fuck, that must be your dad. I'll take care of it -meet me in your room in ten minutes". Lucy kisses his cock gently, saying "Don't get started without me". Later, she enters his bedroom, closing the door behind her. "The coast is clear -your dad thinks I'm helping you study. Your dad is such a flirt -I can see why mom likes him so much. I bet you jerked off thinking about me and Maggie, haven't you? I thought about our underwear going missing, but then I found this", she says, pulling a pair of panties out of a drawer from his desk. "What do you have to say, you dirty, guilty little child? Ever since I've seen you I knew you were a little pervert. Come over here", she grabs him by his t-shirt and takes him to the bed and kneels down before him. Lucy says: "Is it my fault our parents got married? It's beyond my control, but it's a little exciting, don't you think? Like I know it's wrong, but that's what makes it feel so good. Do most guys fantasize about their stepsisters?". She pulls down his pants and takes out his cock. Watch the story unfold..

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