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Keeping Them Close

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2 sex scenes: Step-mommy Helena Locke seducing Nathan Bronson, and Step brother Nathan Bronson and his amenable step-sister, Whitney Wright (with Helena's there to coach).

Helena Locke is a single step-mother to two young adults. She loves being a "mommy," and it's her biggest fear that her sweet Whitney (Wright) and Nathan (Bronson) will leave her after they graduate. She devises the perfect plan. First, she will seduce Nathan and let her know just how much he needs her, and second, the more challenging task, to find a young man for Whitney Wright to keep her close at home. The young man she's chosen is Whitney's very own stepbrother. It will take quite some convincing for Helena, but with Helena's wit, her beauty, and her assertive personality, Whitney is sure to see that Nathan is the perfect man for her. Helena's happily ever after ends with the three of them, bound together for life!

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