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Laundry Day pt. 1

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Step-siblings Juan (Loco) and Kyler (Quinn) are in the laundry room, arguing as usual. Her mom Penny Barber married Juan's dad a year ago, and the kid still doesn't like hearing Kyler call him "big brother" all the time. The ice breaks as she asks "Why are you looking at me like that?". "You're just so cute. You know, in a sisterly kind of way", Juan flirts. As she's leaving the room carrying a full basket of clean laundry, Kyler's dress gets caught and falls down, revealing her bare ass. She recovers and pulls it back up, but the basket drops, causing her to fall on the floor, landing on top of Juan, the clothing strewn all over. "What would mom think if she caught us like this? It's a good thing she's not going to be home for a little while", Kyler says, in a sultry voice. "Should we take things further?", she asks. "I think things have already gone too far", Juan replies. They pick up the clothes and head for the living room. "It's not like we've done anything wrong, have we? I just helped you not fall down the stairs. Maybe we should just finish the laundry", Juan explains. Kyler continues flirting, playing with her top. Juan lifts it up revealing her bra underneath, and remarks: "This seems like more fun". "It's wrong though. What if somebody comes home?", she whispers. "Well, just let them", he replies, fondling her breasts. Kyler sits him down on the couch and unzips his jeans, revealing a huge cock -stepbrother isn't wearing any underwear. She kisses it and begins giving him a blow job, commenting "This dick is so good". Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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