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Laundry Day pt. 2

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After step-siblings Kyler (Quinn) and Juan (Loco) had a close encounter in the laundry room that led to incestuous sex on the living room couch in Part 1, now it's stepmom's turn. Juan gets up out of bed and can't find any clothes in his dresser drawers or closet. He goes to the living room where stepmom (Penny Barber) is calling out for him and his sister. She's angry at finding all the laundry strewn around the living room, left there after the kids' amorous encounter. Seeing Juan in just his underpants, Penny gets flirty and teases him a bit: "I'm your stepmother and I've seen it all before, anyways you're kind of good looking". They gather up his clothing to put it away in his bedroom. Suddenly, stepmom turns decidedly serious, grabbing Juan's hand and declaring: "If you ever do anything to my baby girl, I'll kill you", her eyes flaring dangerously. Then she smiles broadly and says: "I'm just kidding. I just couldn't help myself -she can take care of herself. The one I really have to worry about is you. You have trouble with women? Well, you never mention any dates, and you don't know how to dress. You know girls notice these things. Of course you're very handsome, but I still worry. All I'm saying is that if you need some help, I'm happy to do so. I know that I'm your stepmom, but you know, if you have any questions or anything like that... Well, forget for a minute that I'm your stepmom, okay? And if you don't like it, we can forget I said anything". Penny leans over and starts rubbing his crotch, declaring: "So you're considering it". He pulls away shyly, saying: "I'm sorry". "You don't have to be sorry. You're just curious", she replies, sitting down on the bed next to him. "I could show you", she purrs, as she caresses his thigh. "Yes mommy?", she asks, and Juan responds: "Yes mommy". Penny says: "Good boy", and starts kissing him on the lips, She pushes Juan backwards on the bed and staring intensely into his eyes reaches into his underpants, asking: "What's that? What's that big hard thing down there?". She kisses him repeatedly on the underpants, murmuring: "Is that for mommy?". She leans down and licks up and down the shaft of his dick, now exposed. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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