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Man of the House pt. 1

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Stepmom (Helena Locke) and son (Juan Loco) are sleeping next to each other in bed when the alarm clock sounds. Juan asks if she's heard from dad. Mom says: "Thank you for sharing your bed with me. I'd have slept on the sofa but I like it here much better. He thinks I'm at your Aunt Sarah's". His stepsister Liz (Jordan) knocks and barges into the bedroom, demanding the car keys Juan borrowed from her. She's surprised to see mom in his bed, but afraid of being late for work she continues to harangue Juan, pulling the bed covers from him, revealing his dick -he sleeps in the nude. The women both laugh at the sight, with Liz ridiculing the boy: "I swear to God little bro, every girl I know is gonna know about your hard little cockie in bed with mommy". Mom sympathizes with him: "An erection in the morning is perfectly natural, it's called morning wood". Mom has to rush off to work too, she needs to set up a summer fundraising event. Later, Liz returns, angry at her stepbrother for getting her fired -she's been late for work too often, as he keeps taking her car keys. She asks why he was in bed with her mom? "Stop. It looks bad, but it's not as it seems", he claims. "Wait until I tell dad", she mocks him. But she comes clean, confessing "You broke my heart, when I saw you in bed with her. I thought that maybe you were into me". He's genuinely surprised, saying "I always thought you hated me, always calling me names". "Are you attracted to me?", she asks. "I want to make you hard. As hard, or harder, than you were this morning", she announces, fondling his crotch. He protests, but she removes her top and starts kissing him. Watch the taboo romance unfold...

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