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No Nut November

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Chad (Alva) is on the phone with his girlfriend Nora, saying "I'm so backed up" -he's not masturbated for the entire month of November. His cute stepsister Spencer (Bradley) comes into the living room clad in her revealing schoolgirl outfit, listening in on the private conversation. Hanging up, he asks Spencer: "What are you wearing?". "I wanted to see if my old high school uniform still fits", she replies with a smile. "Well, it doesn't", he declares. She gets up and models it, bending over a bit to reveal a nearly bare ass, conceding "It's a little short". She teases him about his relationship with Nora, exasperating Chad, who asks her to leave. "You can't kick me out. I'm on the lease", she retorts, and with a flourish, lifting up her skirt, she departs the living room. That night, she knocks on his bedroom door, waking Chad up. "Nora -she has to go", Spencer insists. "I heard about your 'No Nut November' thing. Why do you have a girlfriend who told you to go a whole month without masturbating?", she asks. He sloughs it off as no big deal, with the month up just an hour from now, and Nora to visit him in the morning. She reminds Chad of the time they kissed each other when she was 18, as she temptingly undresses in front of him. "You've been such a good boy -not touching yourself for 30 whole days. But nobody can make you ache like your sister", she purrs. "You're desperate for release, aren't you? I see your cock twitching in your pants. It's desperate", she asserts. Spencer slowly removes her bra and caresses her own tits. "My nipples are so sensitive. You can make me come just by touching them". She removes her panties and begins masturbating, urging Chad to touch himself. She sucks hungrily on Chad's finger, demanding "Touch me". Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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