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Not Lonely Anymore

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Aila Donovan is watering the plants in her garden when her stepson (Tyler Nixon) opens the front door. "Oh, hi! Good morning", she says cheerily. "Early bird gets the worm, huh?", she jokes, continuing: "Sorry, not used to living with anyone yet", as she fastens her robe which was rather open, exposing her breasts. "How's my son doing this morning? I guess I mean I won't be lonely anymore, so that's good", stepmom says. Later she's puttering in the kitchen, having dressed. Tyler enters and she asks him: "Okay, is your brother around? That boy sleeps all day. That's okay, though -that gives us some more time to get to know each other. You know the kitchen is my favorite place in the house even though I'm a terrible cook. Isn't that strange?". Picking up a long utensil, holding it like a prop. "Like this, what is this, what is this even for? We'll never know", she says, putting it down. "So what do you guys like to do for fun? Oh, come on, you guys are in the prime of your life. You just graduated college. When I was your age, I probably shouldn't be telling you this, okay, but you can't tell your father", she says, leaning close to Tyler confidentially. "But when I was your age I was sleeping with a different guy every week". "But I don't want that anymore. I like the stability of being with the same man, not that your father is home that much. Is he always traveling like all the time like this? I guess I'll have to get used to it. I mean I do have you boys to keep me company now, right?". She turns around to check in a drawer, and Tyler stares at her rear end. Turning back to him, she says: "Sorry, I'm still kinda nervous", she says, grabbing both his hands in hers, continuing: "I guess I wasn't really expecting to be so excited by having young men around. It kinda makes me feel young again" "Don't tell your father that. He would not like that at all. He gets very jealous. Um, we really shouldn't, I mean...", she takes her hands away from his. "I mean, if we got caught...what am I saying? We're both adults. We can control ourselves, right? Okay." She smiles again as she walks out of the kitchen, Tyler gazing after her. Later, Aila is standing on a chair, hammering at a nail in the wall, as Tyler advances toward her. "Some help, please!", she yells. He grabs her waist to steady her on the chair, and she says: "This isn't working! I need to find a different screw", as she gets down from the chair. Rifling through a box, she announces: "I can't find the right screw. I guess there's not much else I can do, unless you want to give it a try", handing the hammer to Tyler, He climbs up on the chair, taking over. Looking down, Tyler gazes at her breasts. "Do you like what you see?", she asks, grasping the straps of her top to reveal more flesh. "Is your brother still sleeping?", she asks, lowering her voice. She points at him as he gets down off the chair. "If feels so dangerous. I feel like I'm 18 again", stepmom says as they kiss. Tyler starts to lift up her skirt and she stops him. Looking away she shushes Tyler, and the two of them scoot down, hiding behind the couch. Tyler's brother walks past the couch without seeing them and walks across the living room. Aila undoes Tyler's pants, revealing his cock. She licks its tip and starts giving him a blow-job, trying not to make much noise. The brother leaves the room, and she whispers: "I think the coast is clear -c'mon". They move to the front of the couch, and Tyler stands up, Aila kneeling down in front of him on a throw pillow she's grabbed. "Mommy likes this better", she declares. Watch the story unfold..

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