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Practice pt. 1

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Stepmother (Rayveness) is sorting through clothing on her bed as stepson Will (Pounder) approaches. "How long you been standing there?", she asks him with a smile. "Not long", Will replies. "Well, I'm almost done. So why don't you go on in the kitchen, scoot! I'll make you a sandwich or something, okay?", she says. Instead of leaving, Will hides outside the bedroom door watching her undress, putting on a different top, and then leaves. In the kitchen he watches his stepmom. "Want anything?", she asks, opening the refrigerator. Camera motions back & forth indicating a No. "You sure?", she asks. Camera nods Yes. "Okay, just here for the view?", she mocks him. "I didn't mean to, um...", he begins. "It's okay, boys like you are naturally curious", she states. "I'm not a boy, I'm 26", he insists. "Okay, I take it back. Besides, I was just teasing", she says. "It's okay, I can be a little sensitive at times", he replies. "Not having much luck with the girls, huh", she chides him. "Something like that", he admits. "I can't believe that a handsome man like you would have any trouble at all", she notes. "It's complicated. You know I really don't want to talk about it", he maintains. "I'm just trying to help. I mean, can't a mom help out her stepson?", she asks, continuing: "I mean it's all in good fun. You like fun, don't you? So tell me, how does a guy like you meet a girl these days?", she asks him. "Uh, apps mostly", Will replies. "That's a shame. Doesn't that take the fun out of it? Don't you think?", she inquires. "I don't know", he says. "Well, of course you wouldn't", she concludes. "It seems fun", he claims. "It is. Okay, kinda like this. There's an element of danger when you go up to a complete stranger and say: 'Hey, would you like to go on a date with me?'. Have you ever tried it? Pretend I'm a girl at a bar and you are going to come talk with me. Come on, Will, let's try it!", stepmom demands. She impatiently drums her fingernails on the kitchen counter waiting, as Will moves closer to her and says: "Excuse me Miss". "Can I help you?", she replies, role-playing. "I was wondering. I saw you across the bar and uh...", he begins. Stepmom winks at him and says: "Of course. You come around here often?". "It's my first time", he admits. "Ah, me too. This is normally not my scene", she states. "Me neither. I prefer somewhere quiet", he says. "Are you single?", she asks. Will hesitates and she says: "I mean, if that's not too forward". "Yes, um, I am. How about you?", he answers. She exhales heavily and asks: "You want the truth, or?". "The truth", he replies. "Uh, I'm married, to an older man and he has two adult children by two different marriages", she says. "Does he make you happy?", he asks. "I'm lonely", she admits. After a pause, stepmom asks him: "Why don't we take this somewhere more private? Okay, come on", taking his hand and leading him out of the kitchen. In her bedroom she closes the door behind them and announces: "Well, that was fun". "Can we continue?", Will asks. "Oh, I don't know if that's a good idea", she says. "You are lonely, aren't you?", he asks. "I shouldn't have said anything", she smiles. "Okay, I just want to listen", he claims, adding: "but we're going to have to be quiet". "You're such a kind man. Do you often approach women in bars?", she asks, back to role-playing. "Never, but I couldn't resist you", he asserts. "I don't normally do this either", she says. "Well then, I guess we're both new to this", he states. She smiles at him and says: "Well I don't live around here. I'm only in town for one night". "Well let's make it count", he replies. "Well, okay then", she laughs. He reaches out and takes her hands. Stepmom kneels down before him and asks: "Are you ready to do this? I said I was lonely, so I'm going to prove...". She pulls out his big cock and declares: "Oh, wow! You kiddin' me? You don't have a problem getting girls", as she strokes his cock. "I think it was just time you and I got together. That's what I think", she says, adding: "Such a nice cock, too", and starting to give Will a blow-job. Watch the taboo scene develop...

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