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Stepmother (Marie McCray) is waiting with her son (Milan) for the ride-share car to pick them up after a party for her husband Kyle which dad unfortunately couldn't attend. She got to meet many of Kyle's friends, but they were surprised to see her and Milan, thinking they looked more like friends than parent and son. During the ride home, on the back seat Milan begins rubbing his stepmother's thigh, and then begins fingering her pussy. They arrive home, and once inside, she calls for Kyle, but he's not home. Marie reprimands her son for his behavior during the ride: "What would the driver think?". "The worst part is, I wanted it. I wanted it so bad -it's like you knew exactly what I wanted you to do with me. You know exactly every move to make, every touch to get me off. Does that make me a bad person? I'm your stepmother! It's wrong -I'm married to your father!". Distraught, Marie is beside herself, worried what Kyle would think if he was home to see her still excited after the ride. But she can't control herself, blurting out: "I want to make you cum, too. It makes you hard, thinking about fucking your stepmom, doesn't it? We're both so sick -fucking hot, though. Come on", she says, taking his hand and walking him over to the living room couch, pushing him down onto it. She undoes his pants, and pulls out Milan's cock, to begin sucking it. "I never imagined my stepson would have such a big cock", she remarks. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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