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She Can't Have Daddy pt. 2

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Theodora (Day) seduced her friend's stepdaddy Clarke Kent, after his daughter Coco (Lovelock) dared her to. In Part 2 it's Coco's turn.

Theodora skips cheerfully into the kitchen, where Coco is having breakfast, greeting her with: "Hey, I just fucked your daddy!". Coco doesn't believe her, but Theodora adds boastfully: "It was some of the best sex I ever had -I came so hard. You definitely don't have to worry about other girls, because I think your dad is obsessed with my young, tight pussy. Pretty sure I got him following me around like a sap". "My stepdaddy is not a sap!", Coco insists. "My mom wants me to go to this Houston university orientation thing, so 'bye bitch", Theodora says, and abruptly departs. That night Coco heads for the bedroom and crawls onto Mr. Kent's sleeping body, smiling as he wakes up, greeting him: "Hey, daddy. Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up. I had a bad dream -I had a dream that you were leaving me for another woman". Rubbing his leg with her foot, she continues: "I know it's silly, but I've been very lonely ever since mom left you, and ever since my mom left my biological dad, but I promise I'll never be like her. I won't even get married. I promise daddy, I love you daddy", as she starts stroking his thigh. "I promise I won't ever leave. You always let me spend the night with you when I have bad dreams, daddy. Just because I'm an adult now doesn't mean I don't need a daddy". She goes to the drawer at the end table and grabs something to show him. "These are my favorite pair of panties. I put them in your drawer hoping...that you would use them", and she starts rubbing his groin with the fabric. "I tried looking through the peephole but I could barely see you. I even tried to hide in your closet, but you just went to sleep. How come you didn't use them daddy?", she asks. "I wanted to see what you'd do with them. I wanted you to cum in them, and then I'd slide them on my tight pussy, and rub your cum into my tight little cunt", she says while removing her shorts and rubbing the panties against her exposed pussy. Laughing, she sits down atop his crotch. "Can you smell them daddy? They promise it'll be our little secret", she says, handing the panties to him. Mr. Kent sniffs them, and she says: "Thank you daddy. I want you to stroke yourself with them". He begins to masturbate with the aid of the panties. "I want to watch -please, please daddy. I want to see how you make yourself cum", she implores, as she slides his cock out of his nightclothes -it springing to attention in front of her. As he strokes his shaft with them, she cries out: "Can I give it a kiss daddy?". Immediately she kisses his cock and licks it. "Can I stroke it for you, daddy please? I'm sure I can make you feel really good". Stepdaddy doesn't resist, and Coco begins sucking his cock vigorously, always remaining in direct eye contact with him. Watch the taboo seduction unfold...

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