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Sister's Secret

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I (Aiden Ashley) have a secret job. I don't really care to be judged for it, so I don't tell a soul. If a "good girl" like me is going to go into this line of work, you're going to want to work with Madame Michelle (Liv Revamped). Not only will she protect you, but she'll make sure you're busy with the highest rate a girl's skill and beauty can get. I feel lucky to have a room at Michelle's, it took me a year to get to this point, but my room is in danger of being taken away, You see, the Madame has the strictest performance requirements of all her girls, and I'm more of a laid-back "go with the flow" kind of girl. I like to take my time to get to know my clients, I like to take my time getting ready to see my clients, and because of these two things if I get one more mark against me, I'll lose my job! I really want to please the Madame tonight. I know she's watching, as she always does, she has hidden cameras all over my room. I'm ready for a brand new client tonight. It was a "last minute" thing, but I made sure my room was tidy, my hair and makeup done perfectly, and I will be sure not to "be too shy," as she recently complained. There's a knock on the door, and I call the gentleman inside, and I recognize him. He comes into my shadowy room, and the warm light from the lamp reveals the horror-- it's my stepbrother (Codey Steele)! I try to play it cool, knowing I'm being watched, but I am mortified. He's embarrassed too, he had no idea I worked at Madame Michelle's! I beg him to act normal, to sit on the bed. The cameras surrounding us have no sound, but the Madame can see our images, we must act normally, casual. My stepbrother is a super handsome guy, and in my wildest dreams, I have dreamt of making love to him, but not like this! I'm very sure he wants nothing more than to run out the door, but oh no, he can't! I can't let him leave without pretending to have sex with me. How can we do this with all of the cameras? I convinced him to allow me to kiss him, not on the mouth, but on the chest. I take off his shirt and I straddle him. I grind on him, and I feel he's hard for me. God help me, it feels so good. What if we go a little farther? Watch the story unfold...

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