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The Son Swapping Incident

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Featuring two complete sex scenes in one fell swoop, this story concerns two MILFs, Helena (Locke) and Julia (Robbie), planning to expand their families beyond their teen stepsons, Billy (Jason Pierce) and Joseph (Tyler Cruise). Chatting over coffee, Julia reveals that she's discovered both boys have been watching stepmother porn on the internet. Helena calls Billy over and says: "Now that you and Joseph are 18, me and Julia expect to become mommies". Julia adds: "We are not ready to become Empty Nesters yet". Billy responds: "It's a great surprise. You are amazing stepmoms, and I see Helena more of a mom to me than a stepmom". "Julia and I have never experienced the magic of childbirth, and with your fathers being out of the picture for quite some time now, and IVF not within our budget, we'd much prefer to keep this process within the family...", Helena explains. "I understand -mum's the word", Billy replies. The ladies laugh heartily, and Helena continues: "What I'm trying to say is we want Joseph and you to be a part of the process". "Yes, of course, you guys have our support, 100%", Billy agrees. "No darling, mommy's not one to mince words so I'm going to come right out and say it. I want you to help my beautiful friend Julia in the process, and I want Joseph to be a part of my process", Helena declares. "Help Julia?", Billy wonders. Julia takes offence, thinking it's her age, but Helena interjects bluntly: "I want you to impregnate Julia". "Oh, it would be the greatest gift you could possibly give me. It's not like I would expect you to be responsible for raising my baby, in fact I would prefer if you would act ignorant to the whole 'who's the father?' situation, forever", Julia insists. "I'm speechless. I don't know what to say", Billy replies. "We know you need time to think about it", Helena says. "So here's what we want you to do. Go downstairs and talk to your friend. Tell him what we discussed", Julia requests. "We'll give you till tonight, and if you boys agree to be our donors, then what we'll have you do is we just ask that you leave the door cracked open", Helena suggests. "You see honey, we both started ovulating today, so tonight is the special night", Julia says smiling. Putting her hand on Billy's knee, Helena adds: "I need you son, to make love to my beautiful friend Julia, and we all know what an influence you are on Joseph". "We want you to persuade him", Julia notes. That night, the stepmoms each go to their own stepson's bedroom wearing sexy lingerie, and update the teens on the plan. Julia tells Joseph: "I'm so glad you'll be participating tonight. You've always been mommy's sweet, generous boy. I knew you'd be amenable. Helena and I have been up all night talking about your genetic strengths and well, we decided that we should stick to our own stepsons. Will you make love to mommy, Joseph?" In Billy's bedroom, Helena says to him: "You see darling, the idea of you being with my friend stirred something inside me. Jealousy, no. Envy, yes. Just the thought of you touching her, kissing her, entering her, and I realize that it's you I have been yearning for -you, my perfectly handsome, intelligent, compassionate stepson. You don't need to speak. Just let mommy kiss you with that sweet, maternal peck that I give you all the time on the lips. Let your tongue slip into mommy's mouth if you want me." Meanwhile, Julia tells Joseph: "You see, Helena and I have been doing some secret detective work the past few months. We noticed on your computer that Billy prefers to watch porn with short-haired MILFs, and you, sweetheart, prefer long-haired blondes", as she touches her own hair. "Dare I say, none of these were 18-year-old, barely legal girls, either. You are attracted to women who look like mommy, is that right?". Joseph replies sheepishly: "Yes". "No reason to be shy, honey", Julia says, as she sits down on the bed next to him. "We also noticed that you boys share a favorite genre of porn: swapping stepmothers. And all the pieces started to align into place. We want to be mommies, and you boys are attracted to mommies", Julia explains. "But this is real life -it isn't some porn", Joseph insists. "Yes, Helena and me would never be in the same room swapping and unswapping our sons. We're not perverts, for crying out loud. We simply have a problem that you boys can help us fix. Originally we had planned for you to be Helena's donor, but that's not what I want. What I want baby, is you. I want your touch, I want your love, I want your baby, son. Can you imagine it? Do you want me?", she asks, cupping her breasts to arouse him. Joseph says: "Yes, I want you", in a meek voice. Watch the ladies have their way for the next hour of passion...

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