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Test Drive

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Mona Wales opens her door to greet Eddie (Chad Alva), who asks to see her daughter Kathleen. "I've asked you here today because my daughter's decided that you're the man to whom she's going to lose her virginity", she tells him bluntly, after leading him to sit in her living room. That's news to Eddie, but Mrs. Wales starts peppering him with personal questions, informing him she needs information before granting him her blessing. "How many people have you had sex with?", she inquires. "Well, one", he responds. "I'm not sure. I really don't want Kathleen's first time to be with a man with so little experience", she claims. "Hold up, I've had sex a bunch of times but only with one person, my first girlfriend", he retorts. "How long do you last?", she asks. "I don't know, 10, 15 minutes." "Can you last 25, 30 minutes?", she continues. "Sure, yeah", he says. "Do you have any qualms about oral sex? I'm most concerned about giving", she demands. "I'm good for both", he insists. Mrs. Wales' interrogation continues in this vein, even asking him: "Have you ever sucked a man's cock?". Eddie becomes nervous, announcing: "Maybe I should go". "Listen, you have two options: either you can continue this interview with me or you're gonna have to break up with Kathleen", Mrs. Wales says. He agrees to stay, and put up with further questioning. She gets increasingly personal, and says: "You see, there are two types of men: there are the men who listen to women, that can decode their body language, their moans, and take their time to please a woman, and then there are men, who just crawl on top like a dirty dog, and start pounding away and then they're totally spent, and this can leave a really bad impression on a young woman, It can be traumatizing, so what I want to know is if you're a good boy who listens, or if you're a dog that humps". He insists he takes his time and would never traumatize her daughter. "I'm beginning to believe you, so I just need to see your cock. I need to see it hard, so touch yourself for me", she states calmly. Dominant always, she begins to give him masturbation instructions, and tells him: "Perhaps you need a visual aid", and so she strips down to her see-through lingerie, quietly giving him commands on how to please her. Watch the older woman/younger man scene unfold...

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