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The Goodest Baddest Daddy

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Clarke Kent tells this tale about the two beautiful look-alike sisters (Dakota Tyler and Mickey Violet) who will become his stepdaughters next Sunday. Their sibling rivalry is extreme, with Mickey finking on Dakota by telling daddy her sister is working as a stripper, while Dakota talks of how Mickey is known at school as "the blow-job queen". That night, Dakota, clad in sexy underwear visits daddy's bedroom, where he's busy looking at his laptop. She asks him: "Do we have to tell mom about my job?". Clarke doesn't want to keep secrets from his future wife, but Dakota presses him on the subject, offering: "All the guys say I'm very good at lap dances. I want to show you how good I am". She sits on his lap and explains how she services the customers. "It turns me on when I turn guys on. I just feel their cocks swell up while I wiggle my pussy on their laps. I get so turned on that I actually end up just touching myself", she says, taking off her bra. She begins rubbing herself through her underpants, and continues to talk dirty to stepdaddy. "There's a thing I've always wanted to do, but I'm not allowed to do it at the club", she notes. "I can't betray your mother", Clarke interjects. "But you already have", she points out, lowering his pajamas to reveal his big dick. "How many times have Mickey and I talked about sucking your cock. It's funny how I'm the one who actually gets to do it. She'd be so jealous if she knew your cock was in my mouth", Dakota says. While giving daddy a very professional blow-job, she reminds him: "Hopefully, you don't tell mom about my job". Under the circumstances, he agrees. "Daddy, I want to feel your cock inside of me", she declares with a smile, and mounts on top of him. The seduction continues through to a creampie and then a money shot all over her belly after more humping. After Dakota returns to her own bedroom, Clarke muses how he dreams of servicing his two stepdaughters, one after the other, and sure enough, Mickey tiptoes into his bedroom, wearing a cute pink nightie. She's become popular at school thanks to a sexy video she's posted on the internet, and asks daddy to help her become a star. Promising that it will just be having pretend sex and that his face won't be shown, she coaxes him to photograph her POV-camera style with her phone to make a second video to post. He's reluctant but they get to work, and soon she's demonstrating her deep-throat skills. But Mickey wants more, including getting her hymen punctured. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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