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Your Mom is a Flirt pt. 2

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Aunt (Penny Barber) is standing in the kitchen, wistfully gazing out the window, when Tyler (Cruise) comes in. "Good morning, sleepyhead", she greets him. "Mom didn't tell me you were staying", he says. "Well, your stepmother has a lot of secrets, but you know that", she says. "She does?", he wonders. "How long has she been living here with you and your dad? Like a year?", she asks. "About nine months", he replies. "Well, I will not say anymore", she says. "What do you mean?", he asks. "Well, your stepmom is -she's kind of a flirt", she contends. "Yeah, she kinda likes younger men. That's one thing we have in common," Aunt says. "Okay", Tyler says. "I shouldn't say anything. It's really nice of her to invite me to stay here. You have a really nice house", she says. "You don't have to worry about me. Just like to hang out and pretend this is my kitchen. You think I'd make a cute little housewife?", she asks. "What is wrong? Has the cat got your tongue?", she jokes. "I guess", he says. "Oh, you know, she's always had all the luck. I feel like when we were younger I would get the hand-me-downs and second-hand clothes and things, and I'm a little bit older than she is and so I would have to be like a little mom, and take care of her", she complains. "I'm sorry to hear that", he responds. "Why don't you show me her room?", Aunt asks. "I don't know about that. I don't think mom would be happy", he speculates. "It's okay. She went to work really early. She's gone the rest of the day. Just show me", she insists. "Don't you want to show me? Goody-two-shoes?", she needles him. "I guess I could show you, but you won't touch anything?", he says. "No, I won't touch anything?", she says. "You promise?". "I promise", she says, and they walk to the bedroom. Tyler knocks on the bedroom door, saying: "Mom? Mom, you in there?". He knocks a third time, and Aunt exclaims: "She's not in there!", and opens the door leading him inside. "I guess I hitched my horse to the wrong wagon", she declares. She sits down on the unmade bed and remarks: "This is an expensive bed. Do you think she and your father...Never mind". She gets up and mischievously goes over to a dresser and rummages through the top drawer, as Tyler says: "Please don't". "I'm not going to ruin anything", she insists. "She's gonna think it was me!", Tyler exclaims. "I'm being careful", Aunt says. "I think we're going too far", Tyler worries. "You don't get it, do you?", she asks. "No, I don't", he replies. "It's like my whole life I've lived in her shadow. You know I live in a shitty little apartment. I mean I never get anything. I never even get the memories. She's the one who got to go off to college and got to do all the fun stuff", she complains. "Sorry", he says. "She's just always been like the Golden Child. You know she stole my high school boyfriend?", she claims. Aunt walks over to the bed and sits down again. "And it is pathetic that I'm still mad about it", she laments. "No, I don't think so", he says. He sits down on the bed beside her and she declares: "You're a good listener. Although you probably think I'm crazy", she jokes. "No, you just want someone to see you for yourself, to love you", he contends. "You're studying psych or something?", she kids. "No, I'm just observant", Tyler says. She rubs his thigh and asks: How old are you, anyway?". "21", he responds. "You're still young then. It sounds like you had to grow up fast, like me", she concludes. "Yeah, mom left when I was young", he replies. "That'll do it", she says. "That's okay though. I'm happy with my life", he says. "Do you think that your stepmom is prettier than I am?", Aunt inquires. "You're two different people", he says. "I never felt pretty. That is probably why guys take advantage of me", she confesses. "You deserve better", Tyler sympathizes. "I wish I could find a nice boy like you. You know when you're young you have all this compassion, and kind of lose it on the way", she says. "I really like you", he declares. "We shouldn't", she says, removing her hand from his thigh. "I don't understand. I thought...", he begins. "I mean I had this whole plan about getting back at your stepmom where I was gonna bring you up here...And you know she speaks so highly of you I know it would hurt her if I were to fuck you, but you're a nice kid and don't deserve that", she says. "Just doesn't have to be like that", Tyler protests. "I mean it's wrong. I'm your aunt", she proclaims. "But I want to", he points out. "I'm sitting here feeling shy", she says. "Well, we don't have to do anything if you don't want", he offers. "I want to. It's like being in high school", she says, rubbing his thigh again. "Oh, brought any girls back to the house?", she asks. "You're the first", he concedes. "I find that hard to believe", she claims. "Well, I'm not that popular with the girls", he says. "Well, then I guess we're in the same boat", Aunt says. "But you're so beautiful", he says. "I don't feel beautiful", she contends. "But you're so perfect", he says, caressing her breast. She leans in and kisses him on the lips. "Are you sure?", she asks. "Yeah, I'm sure", he replies. She pushes him backward on the bed and says: "I do feel a little bit guilty", she admits. "Why is that?", Tyler asks. "I mean technically I'm your aunt. You sure you don't feel a little conflicted?", she asks as she unbuttons his fly. "Well, I guess a tiny bit. But I don't want it to hold me back", he confesses. "Well those are cute", she says, looking at his boxers decorated with hearts. She kisses him on the belly, saying: "You're a very handsome boy, you know that?". "Oh, thank you", he replies. She rubs his boner through his boxers and asks: "Is that all for me?". "Just for you", he responds. Watch the sexy scene unfold...

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